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“Hi, God!!!”

As rays of sunlight stream down from the sky, Mia asks, “Mommy, why can’t we see God?” and “Why doesn’t God ever talk to us?”  I reply, “Look!  Up in the sky!  God is talking to us right now!  I see Him!”  and I direct her attention to the sun beams reaching effortlessly from the heavens to the earth.  Mia says, “Oh!  yes, I see Him now!  What is He saying though?”  I tell her He’s just saying hello and that He loves us.  I tell her that she has to listen everyday to hear exactly what He is saying to her by praying and finding out what’s in the bible. (more…)


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I realized this in prayer this morning…There is only ONE thing I have to do today. In fact, everyday it’s the same exact thing – to carry out the will of God in my life.

It may mean speaking when I’d rather keep silent or keeping silent when I want to speak.
It may mean waiting when I’m in a hurry or running when I’m exhausted.
God may ask me to let go when I’d rather hold on or hold on when I’d rather let go.
He may have plans for me to mourn instead of rejoicing or rejioce when I feel like mourning.
I may be asked to give when I am in need or admit that I am in need when I want to give.

If all these suggestions sound contrary to my ideas it’s because they ARE! It’s GOD’S will – not mine. Thankfully He shows me through my obedience to Him that His will is where the most peace and joy really is.

There is only one way to accomplish this ONE incredible task everyday – this will not of my own but of my Lord – I must LISTEN carefully and OBEY faithfully.

17 learn to do right! ~Isaiah 1:17a

10and find out what pleases the Lord. ~Ephesians 5:10

Love u all!!!

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