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Yesterday in church Pastor Nathan closed the sermon with two questions for us to think about. The sermon was about grace and the law/using the freedom that is in Christ to sin, etc. -which was excellent btw- thank u Pastor Nathan =). Anyway the first question was this: Are you making Christ a slave to sin? (more…)

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You Run

Again I pull the string while an amused audience watches through the window at my body language cuss the useless object that happens to catch the day’s worth of wrath I’ve been storing up. The lawnmower stalls for the 15th time and I walk away seaching the sky for some consolation. Mia yells out the back door, “Daddy and his friends are laughing at you, Mommy. You look funny.” I stomp in and yell about why he should be doing this ridiculous task and most certainly should have fixed the mower so I at least COULD do it. (more…)

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