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As I read 1 Kings 10, I think of Christ.  So many times when I come to Him, I bring only my “hard questions”.  When the Queen of Sheba came to King Solomon, she didn’t just bring her hard questions, she journeyed a far distance and brought many expensive items and gifts to Him and 10:2 says, “…she spoke with him about all that was in her heart.” ALL that was in her heart.  I never do that. 



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Sunflowers look down as if to weep
As I consider things too deep
Forgotten love and sorrow
I shan’t keep
Packaged up in dust of memories,
neatly tucked away,
Though try I may,
my sadness will not sleep today.

Changes came and deadlines met
No, I cannot say I do regret
my choices their effects
But doubtless I can n’er forget
You – love- I lost
Wildheart when young I met.

So what of life?
And what of love?
What is true of things above?
I wonder, wander
Alone I sit
Anger, no, it does not fit
Joy I have
But still I sit
With breaking heart
With fire lit.

I pray, I pray
I crucify my flesh away
I long to suffocate
You – dark! You -blind!
You – lying prince whom on my weakness preys!

So rest I will
In Christ my rock
But still I sit
Though try I may
My sadness will not sleep today.

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