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Considering the Leaves…

One by one, stray leaves are plucked off of their branches and whisked through the air, eventually landing in my path.  As I run, I watch their transition, almost momentarily getting a glimpse of another, and another…and another.  Though their time of beauty and transition is short, finally they are free from the old body to which they belonged.  They must die if they are to experience the freedom of the breeze and the beauty for which their life was made.  (more…)


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I was reading 2 Kings 3 in my devotions this morning and I just wanted to share a couple thoughts…In the passage the Moabites were responsible for supplying the Isrealites with wool at the time.  After Ahab dies, the Moabite king rebells against Isreal and did not supply the wool…so the Isrealites get an army together to fight the Moabites.  The Isrealites ran out of water and sought God’s prophet, Elisha. Elisha inquired of God for them only bc there was one upright king among them.  He says this: (more…)

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