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I love Job!

Perhaps you’ve read Job in chapters 1 and 2 where God almost taunts the devil about how righteous his servant is, and in turn the devil asks God for permission to bring evil upon him and God grants him that request save Job’s life.  Here’s the text: (more…)


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Weakness Revealed

As I ran this morning the Lord worked this thought over and over in my mind: When weakness stands alone, it seeks to conceal itself in pride and fails revealing all its secrets unknowingly; when weakness has strength standing behind it, it seeks to reveal itself in humility and proves itself strong.


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 Thinking on King David, I am humbled.  In 2 Samuel 16 we find a man of Saul’s family aggitating David by accusing him (16:7,8), cursing him (16:5,13), and throwing stones at him (16:6,13).  It’s evident from the text that David had the means to respond and silence this ridicule (16:6,9), yet what does he do?  He does not defend himself, but rather attributes this nuisance as being from the Lord (16:10-11), and has hopeful expectation that the Lord will bring good from his troublesome misfortune (16:12). (more…)

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What Child Is This?

 After an endless day of relentless emotional pecking I raise my very occasional white flag of silence and retreat alone to my bedroom abnormally early.  I tune the radio in search of hope and wait. (more…)

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The Praise of Men

In Jeremiah chapters 36-39, Jeremiah prophesies destruction to Isreal (36:3) and receives harsh treatment because of His truth telling. Though Jeremiah prophesied the truth to these people and had indeed heard it from the Lord, they tried to destroy his words (36:23-24), spoke lies of him saying he was a traitor (37:13). Others believed the lies and were angry with him(37:15), they put him in prison (38:6) and finallly desired to kill him(38:4). Though he was warning them for their own well being, rather than assuming responsiblity for their sins and repenting, they mistakenly assume the worst of Jeremiah instead saying : (more…)

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Thinking on God’s love I remember a few verses of a song:

 ‘Your love is extravagant; Your friendship, intimate.”

 I got to thinking…is MY love extravagant? Do I love people the way God does? Do I love my enemies that way? My brothers and sisters in Christ (ALL of them)? My family? My neighbors? Do I love people simply because they are His children? Does my love go above and beyond the way the world loves or what is natural? Because it should if I am His. (more…)

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 Addie is my 3 year old.  She takes more after my side of the family than Mia, who is like her dad.  Addie is the kind of person that is often content playing by herself and only allows certain people to play with her, even when the house is filled with other children.  Those that she does let into her little world, she is deeply attatched to and probably relies a bit too heavily on them for her own security.  Since her personality and manurisms are like that of my mom, needless to say Grandma is her best friend.  (more…)

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