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I Won’t Let Go

With a new school year upon us I think back to a time when I was embarking on a new (and very overwhelming) journey into the unchartered waters of homeschooling.  Three years ago the Lord called me to teach my children.  He has led me in grace despite my donkey-like rebellion.  With two and a half weeks complete, I can honestly say this year has begun fairly smoothly and much more easily than when I initially began. (more…)


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Be Helpless

There are times in life where we truly wonder where God is.  We wonder why He isn’t ‘doing something’ about the evil and injustice men do.  In Psalm 10, David, too, complains of evil and injustice.  His biggest issue isn’t the evil itself or that it exists, rather that he feels God’s presence has been withdrawn from him. (more…)

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Making My Bed

My girls were playing and asked for some blankets and pillows.  Nothing is more fun (or messy) than building tents in the livingroom…only this time I was pleasantly surprised by a neat little pretend bed made out of their resources; pillows on the bottom and ten baby blankets on top.  At the end was a mini tunnel. (more…)

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The Mouth of Babes

As many a heavy heart bid farewell,

she worships.

We Will Glorify the King of Kings
We Will Glorify the Lamb
We Will Glorify the Lord of Lords
Who Is the Great I Am (more…)

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My Place

I ran yesterday. It was one of those races where the girl behind me was in front of me…then behind…then in front…The whole race we exchanged places. As I fought to keep my place, I considered Psalm 8 and what I love most about David. (more…)

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My Defense

There’s little worse than being misrepresented and accused when innocent.  In Psalm 7 David sings (yes, he sings…surely this trial has not broken his spirit) to the Lord about the deceitful words spoken against him by Shimei – a Benjaminite from the house of Saul. (more…)

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O LORD, do not rebuke me in Your anger,
         Nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure.
 2 Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak;
         O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
 3 My soul also is greatly troubled;
         But You, O LORD—how long? ~Psalm 6:1-3

The first verse of this psalm reminds me of my Mia when she knows she has disobeyed.  “Mia, did you disobey?”  “Yes.”  “Do you think you need punished?”  “Yes…but don’t make it hurt!” (more…)

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