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True Community

How often do Christians dismiss fellowship for family functions?  From soccer to football to ballet to Easter dinner, many believers skip out on congregating in the house of God or with their sisters and brothers in Christ regularly due to familial fun and favor. 

But who does Christ tell us that our true family is?  Who must we bind together most closely with?  (more…)


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Picture this: you’re at home praying and the Holy Spirit impresses upon your heart a certain person who (loudly) professes to be a believer.  The Lord continuously brings this individual  before you in thought and in reality.  In other words, your paths are always crossing.  The Lord confirms that you must speak to this person about a difficult matter. (more…)

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Sent Ones

Yesterday while driving I was praying about a situation and asked the Lord how I might know which way to go.  I noticed the truck in front of me had a cross duct-taped to the back.  There were also two small crosses carved out of the metal plate under the bed.  “Follow me” was clearly my Lord’s reply.

Who comes to Christ?  Who becomes his disciple and who is given the power to do that which he did?  Mark 3:13-21 gives some insight into the ones whom God sends out to accomplish his own work. (more…)

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Follow the Crowd

As men began their plots to kill Jesus, Jesus withdrew.  Whenever we seek to teach truth or promote goodness and men become irrational or barbaric, Christ’s wisdom teaches us to quit that venue. (more…)

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Is It Right?

In Mark 3:1-6 we find another conflict between the religious authorities and Jesus.  These men just wouldn’t leave him alone.  They hated Jesus as much as they loved themselves.  They began to watch his every move waiting to pounce like wild animals if Jesus would slip up.  Their problem is that Jesus never does.  Jesus never sins.  Jesus never breaks the law.  Their frustration and hatred turn to murder-plotting.  Let’s see how they arrive there. (more…)

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The issues between legalistic religious people and the true followers of Christ arise primarily in two ways.  The first is the attempt to require everyone to abide by their man-made standards of conduct as is dealt with in Mark 2:18-22  when Jesus is questioned about fasting.  The second is to forbid much over and above what the Word of God has actually deemed forbidden or unlawful.  Doing either or both of these things will prove diabolically opposed to those who seek an honest relationship with Jesus Christ.  Hence, we find the standoff continuing between the Lord of Glory and man’s religion here in Mark 2:23-28. (more…)

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Lent: fast or fiction?

In the thick of what the religious calendar highlights as “Lent” (wikipedia-” in the Christian religion an annual season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting 40 weekdays to Easter, observed by Roman Catholic, Anglican, and certain other churches.”  The practice and observance of Lent is not found in the bible, rather was instituted by men.), I come to Christ’s instructions on the matter of fasting. (more…)

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