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Before he left for work the other day, Mia’s daddy gave her a job.  The kitchen was a mess from the night before.  We had laid tile down and the haze from the grout was everywhere.  He asked her to clean the tiles as best she could.

She had just woke up, but she was eager to help.  She began in the back and I came to assist her.  After we got about half way done, she was ready for breakfast.  I told her to finish up the job first rather than cleaning up and starting over in a few minutes. (more…)


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…and some things not so nice.  That’s what marriages are made of. 

Once upon a time a little girl married a little boy.  They set out together as teenagers with a life of dreams stretching out ahead of them.  The little girl was lovely and the little boy was tough…until life set in and he decided she wasn’t quite as lovely as he’d first thought and she decided he wasn’t half as tough as he would need to be if this marriage was going to last.  (more…)

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The other day I was watching Maylee from across the room.  She had taken out a book we have often read together and sat down in her little rocking chair with it.  It was an alphabet book with pictures of babies with different expressions throughout.  (more…)

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The disciples have just been rebuked for excluding another believer who was doing Christ’s work differently than they were.  Jesus continues to teach them more about why they must not be exclusive, staunch, and stuffy about the manner in which his work is done.  He also shares some in-depth insight about how to properly deal with the root sins they were exhibiting with their “I belong to the elite disciple club” mind-set:  pride and selfishness.  (more…)

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Tattle Tales

“Mom!  Mia won’t let me play my game!”  “Don’t you both have the same game?  Where’s Mia’s game?”  “It’s broken.  We only have one and she won’t let me have it!  It’s mine!”  “Why don’t you share it?”  “Because it’s not hers!  It’s mine!” (more…)

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I’ve spent the last three days painting.  All I have to say is, forget marathons!  Paint prep and paint work is way more strenuous! 

Ok, I lied.  I have a lot more to say than that.  Who is surprised?  =)

Painting the largest room in my house with three small children in tow was quite challenging.  It was certainly no small task.  Everyone wanted to help but no one except me (which is debatable) was qualified.  Once I began, being a painter seemed a glorious occupation to my girls and they all sought employment. (more…)

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The High Road

Jesus’ actions and message repeat themselves over and over throughout the book of Mark.  The crux of the gospel is found in these three main ideas: 1. Jesus is a healer with authority over every disease, demon, and difficulty.  2. Jesus is God in the flesh.  3. Jesus will suffer, die, and rise again. (more…)

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