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As I sat working a booth at the Fayette County Fair, along came an entertainer to do a show in my building.  The man was a hypnotist who many seemed quite interested in hearing.

After he drew his crowd and explained a bit about what he was going to do, he asked for volunteers.  There were just three simple requirements one had to meet in order to be “chosen.”  (more…)


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I attended a funeral viewing last night.  I didn’t know the man and only know his sons briefly.  Nevertheless, I’m confident that this man, or, at the very least, his family knows the Lord.  There was a presence of great peace and acceptance despite great pain.  It was calm even though the great storm of death had come suddenly.  This must have been a great man; these must be people of God, I thought to myself. (more…)

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The Last Days

About three years after I became a Christian, I became enamored with “end times prophesy,” if you will.  I heard so much about how close we supposedly are to the end, how we need to prepare, and how much we need to study these things if we really want to know and understand how very close we are.  It seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was preaching about the end of the world. 

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Held Captive

Sometimes, God puts us in places we’d rather not be.  Sometimes, God places authorities over us we’d rather not have.  It’s hard to follow God to a place we don’t want to go.  It’s difficult to submit to leaders we don’t have reason to trust.  And should we?  How do we know it is the Lord who is presiding over this mess we call life?   What if it’s all just some big misunderstanding?  How do we determine which way is up?  Because the bottom line is that we desperately want to do whatever it is he’s called us to.  If we know what’s good for us, we want to be wherever he’s placed us. (more…)

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A Dark Night

The dark knight rose and the people of Colorado will tell you it surely wasn’t Batman.  Taking my seat in an overcrowded theater last night, we claimed the too-close-for-comfort second row.  Throughout the movie I found myself somewhat nervously glancing at exits and particularly aware of those surrounding me.  I sat watching a story of good versus evil led by a Savior.  I wondered to myself when the last time I’d sat in the presence of God for three hours was.  I had a keen sense of my own helplessness and depravity as I acknowledged how much more inclined I’d be to attend a midnight movie than to forfeit sleep for a three-hour prayer.  I watched as a make-believe police force moved slowly towards and enemy they knew could annihilate them.  All the while I sat wondering if my husband would have to unload his clip on a non-make-believe psychopath…but then…Batman descended in front of those frozen, feeble fighters and disabled the enemy’s weapons giving those men the confidence and assurance necessary to run into battle, regardless of their individual outcomes. (more…)

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In Mark 13:14-23, Jesus continues to answer the disciples’ questions about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.  Just prior, they were idolizing and admiring its beauty and magnificence.  Since we’ve been car shopping this week, I can totally relate. 

Immediately, Jesus redirects their attention to the fact that this building was nothing more than, well, a building.  Stones and wood and nothing more.  He informs them that it soon would be utterly destroyed, fully and finally. (more…)

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Sticks and Stones

Some wonder why Christians have to endure such hardship on earth.  I mean, if our Lord is really the King of Kings, the ruler of the world,isn’t there some button we could press when we are converted that places us in a bubble of happiness?  Wouldn’t that make sense?  What’s the deal?  We have to go through just as much, and often times, even more trials than those who don’t even know God.  What’s up with that? (more…)

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