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Tough Guy

A pastor once said that if you’re following Christ and a person comes raging at you with anger and hostility for no apparent reason, it generally isn’t you they’re raging at, but God.  

Ten years have gone by since I heard that sermon, but every so often I see it proven true.  If it happened to Jesus, it will happen to his followers, and so let’s examine how he dealt with unfounded accusations, causeless rage, and violent pretenders. (more…)


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So it’s been ten days now since the onset of whatever it is that’s wrong with my ailing body and I thought maybe I’d share a little of the irony in it all.

I had purposed last week to be our first full week of school.  As I crawled between the bed and the couch, I scarcely looked up at my neglected children, let alone taught them a lesson.  But they learned.  They learned how to care for a loved one and they brought me weed flowers they’d picked from outside.  They poured my “lemonade medicine” (gatorade) and covered me up when I was cold.  They prayed for me and made me get-well cards.  Yes, this was the first week of school for my children, and, yes, it was worthwhile. (more…)

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Killing Sin

The weather was fair.  I felt well and have been training hard.  So I ran a race expecting to do quite well.  Nevertheless, when I crossed the finish line, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the worst 5k time of my entire running career ticking upon the clock yesterday morning.

There must be some mistake, I insisted.  Surely my time was not that bad.  But it was.  (more…)

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Learning to Fly

Last night we decided it was time to teach Mia how to ride a bike without the training wheels.  She probably could have done it long ago, but she hasn’t been particularly interested in the risk involved in the process.  But last night was the night. (more…)

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My Father’s World

Maybe it was the way the speaker reminded me of Daddy, strumming his guitar with big eyes and a vintage collared shirt.  Maybe it was my absent-minded forgetting of the shampoo and having to wash my hair with soap like Daddy always did.  It might have  had something to do with the presence of our dear friend and faithful bible teacher who’s been like a father to me.  Perhaps it was spending time with people who cared more about genuine G0d-seeking than whether my hair and make-up were done. It could have been the atmosphere of kindness, love, and truth that proved I was neither watching nor participating in any kind of religious show.  Whatever the reasons, it’s times like this when I feel like I’m a little girl at home with Daddy again.  Yes, it’s these times where, after all my playing outside and running around in circles, my Father calls for me and I come running into his presence.  These are the times when he finds me and lets me sit and listen to the music bound up in his heart and soul, just like my Daddy did with his yellow guitar so very many times.  Heaven itself comes down to commune with me on earth.  Funny how closely fond families resemble God’s glory.  So here’s to that Great Father I call God and the wonderful Daddy I know is sitting up there with him.   I often miss them both desperately here on earth, but I’m so thankful I did get to spend some time in my Father’s world.


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Community Service

I’ve been thinking…what is true community service?  Is it what you get when you are caught driving under the influence or being a deliquent person of society?  Is it what we do to lift burdens of guilt off of our shoulders when the load gets too heavy?  Is it a legal duty for every person who says they belong to Christ?  Really, what is the true definition of community service?  (more…)

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Judge Yourself

With so many voices in the world shouting about Christians being judgemental I thought it best to write a little ditty about biblical “judging” and what it looks like.  Well, that and it just so happens to be the next passage in my study in the gospel of Mark.  =) 

Yesterday our pastor talked about the significance of taking communion and how examining the health of our own faith and deeds prior to doing so is paramount.  He asked whether our profession of faith in Christ was true and whether our actions prove it so.  In other words, do we have the kind of faith that obeys God and lives by his Word – faith that saves – or do we have a false witness that proves we are liars who seek self and practice sin unapologetically, without regard for God’s will and his Word? (more…)

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