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misRecounting the movie I saw tonight, I wonder.  I wonder, well, what I often wonder apart from any prompting from pretending performers, which is this: Why are there so many miserable ones?  So many poor ones? So very much grief in a world capable, too, of so much joy?  And if I knew why, would it even console my own misery?  Would understanding in itself make me content?

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

Nevertheless, on this last day of 2012, I search for that understanding.  I seek to escape the hopelessness of years of repeated discouragement and discontent.  Life must change.  Desperately, I want to believe the future holds what the past has found me vainly pining for and disappointed over its apparent absence.  I whisper in the pew, in the car, in the dark, “Lord, help my unbelief!”



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davidThe people of God are at a standstill.  Their army is gathered.  Their weapons are drawn.  Their battle is waiting.  Why, then, is there no progress?  What’s the hold-up on this show-down?

When Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid. ~1 Samuel 17:11

God’s people were dismayed.  They were greatly afraid.  Here they stood, dressed for war, crippled by the fear of one big bully.

Day after day, Goliath repeats his challenge.  Every morning and every night for forty days and forty nights, Goliath taunts the people of God.

We’re not talking about a few church mice, here.  Here stood an entire army cowering at the threats of one arrogant man.  One.  And the bully stood in front of an army this army had just beaten.   (more…)

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fearIn our nation of privilege and safety, it’s not too often that we fear.  Generally, we haven’t had any reason to do so.  I mean, it’s not like we live in Iraq, or Palestine, or Afghanistan, right?  Up until a few years ago, people weren’t blowing each other for sport, here.  But now they are.  And it’s scary.

I, personally, haven’t been afraid in quite some time.  But I was the other day, and it was a spiritual battle – not a physical one.  It’s the fear factor that the Enemy plays on most when he wants to discourage us to do good and to obey God. This is the verse the Lord sent to me by way of a Christmas card that day:

 Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” ~Luke 1:30 (more…)

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A Repost from last Christmas…

Everyday Encounters With the Creator

If Jesus were my baby

Would I answer, “Yes” or “No?”

Would I tell Him, “Maybe”

When he asked me for

my time, my love, my lap

or to play together on the floor?

If Jesus were my baby,

would I leave Him at the daycare doors

Every morning without fail

Just to shop in nicer stores?

Each evening would I tune Him out

and turn Him toward

the tv box

instead of teaching Him the Word?

Would Jesus cry, just like my baby,

when I tell Him it’s just maybe

‘Cause I’m too tired

All your sports keep us too busy

Mommy has to get a sitter

There’s just no time

to hear your words

Son, just get to practice

No one ever likes a quitter.

If Jesus were my baby

Would Our Father God be pleased?

For my Father told me that my baby

may as well be…

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Disturb, or Be Disturbed

disturbSamuel has just anointed David.  God had chosen him to be king in Saul’s stead.  Oh, but there was just one problem – even though God had already rejected him, Saul was still the king on paper.

So, how does God deal with Saul’s dismissal?  Let’s consider what happens to Saul after it is clear that he has rejected the things of God. (more…)

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pastAround this time of year, the Ghost of Christmas past usually pays me a visit or two.  Sometimes he stays for the whole season.  But he doesn’t torment me with decisions gone wrong and wasted opportunities like he did with old Ebenezer.

Oh, yes, I have my fair share of those, too, but he knows there is a much more gut-wrenching avenue leading to the circuit board of my heart.  He knows the path which will prompt punctual change upon waking has much more to do with past pain than it does with past mistakes.  Dare I say, the Ghost I speak of is Holy and he refuses to allow me the pleasure of pretending that my life has always been privileged. (more…)

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The Baby

babyThere’s been a lot of talk of the terrible fate of innocent babies lately.  If you think about it, each person ever created is someone’s child.  Whether we die young, middle-aged, or elderly, we are still somebody’s baby.

It begs the question, how does God see people?  How does he see us?  Does he see us as big, strong grown-ups who are wise and proper?  Or do we reflect something else when he looks upon us?  Let’s consider 1 Samuel 16. (more…)

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