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In Exodus 30:17-21, God instructs Moses on building a basin made out of bronze for the priests to wash in.  This sink-type item was to be placed between the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and the altar which was in the outer court.

The purpose of the bronze basin was for the men whom God had chosen to act on behalf of the people to wash their hands and feet before ministering or coming near the altar.  Although they were already physically clean, this mandate was how God chose to point them to their need to place their own purity always, always, always before any work they would do in ministry.  It was to remind them constantly of their own dire need to confess, repent, and be wholly pure before the Lord in thought, word, and deed before any taking any action on behalf of others in prayer, intercession, and offering sacrifice to God.  If they would not be diligent about their own purity and cleanness before serving the Lord and being in His presence, the consequence was death.  (Exodus 30:21)


Likewise, men who answer God’s call to ministry and fail to constantly and diligently bow before the Lord prior to offering ministry to others or offerings to the Lord today will ultimately die spiritually due to their own pride and self-sufficient presumption.  If men who minister to others do not understand their own desperate need for God’s help, for his mercy and forgiveness, and for their own purity, they will not be able to stand in adversity or with any confidence or assurance before the Lord or before men.

Therefore, men who seek to lead others toward God must have clean hands and a pure heart.  Without that, they will be wholly ineffective in any kingdom work they attempt regardless of the size of their church or the title in front of their name.  Yet those who would daily recognize their own need, be daily cleansed, and be clean before carrying out ministry will be blessed forever by the faithful promise of God.  (Exodus 30:21)

In God’s book, personal purity always comes before pastoral ministry.


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