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“We wanna go in the hard maze, Daddy!”

Led by little girls, we disappeared into the corn.  Each time we reach a dead-end, the “leader” was replaced by one of her sisters.

It went on this way for quite some time.  Each of our three daughters got to “lead” us all through the corn maze at least a half a dozen times.  Unfortunately, the signs all read, “You have chosen poorly.”   “Dead end.”  “Wrong way.”  Every sign was further confirmation of our lost-ness.  By the time Daddy took over as navigator, we were in deep with no bearings.

After we’d been lost for no less than 20-30 minutes, another little girl and her very lost and tired grandmother asked if they could follow us.  “You can follow us, but we have no idea which way to go.”

Another 15-20 minutes passed.  We thought we had taken every possible path.  Still, no exit.

Funny thing though – the girls never got tired of being the leader.  They never got discouraged with their incorrect choices.  It didn’t matter to them in the least that they and those following them were still hopelessly lost.  The fact that the farm was soon closing never even fazed them.  They didn’t care that they might just be going the wrong way altogether.  They didn’t care how long it took to find the right way to go.  All they cared about was being the leader; being in charge; controlling the path of people bigger than they.  There’s something really fun about being given a position of authority…especially when you have neither the experience nor the qualification for it.  It seems that being the leader, even when all the signs say you’re going the wrong way, is quite attractive and empowering when you are small and insignificant.  Take note, followers.

Finally, a girl who worked at the farm came and led us out.  The maze closed and we went home.

As I fumbled around in the shadows of several acres of 15 foot corn, I thought.  This is what it’s like without Christ leading our lives.  We want to be the leader, even when we don’t know where we are or where we’re going.  We often would rather walk in circles leading than walk straight following.  Every single one of us is a little child lost in a hard maze apart from His leading.  We will continually make the same mistakes,  reach dead ends and signs reading, “You have chosen poorly.”  There is no proper exit in this life without the guide finding us in our lost-ness and leading us out.

Jesus is the good guide.  He is the only way.  He is the leader and the only one worthy of following.  Beware of children who would rather take his place than follow his lead.  Surely they will leave you more lost than you were at the start.


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