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standBloodthirsty King Saul has found out from an eye-witness where David had been.  He called the priests led by Ahimelech to him and they all came.

Then the king sent to summon Ahimelech the priest, the son of Ahitub, and all his father’s house, the priests who were at Nob, and all of them came to the king. 12 And Saul said, “Hear now, son of Ahitub.” And he answered, “Here I am, my lord.” 13 And Saul said to him, “Why have you conspired against me, you and the son of Jesse, in that you have given him bread and a sword and have inquired of God for him, so that he has risen against me, to lie in wait, as at this day?” 14 Then Ahimelech answered the king, “And who among all your servants is so faithful as David, who is the king’s son-in-law, and captain overyour bodyguard, and honored in your house? 15 Is today the first time that I have inquired of God for him? No! Let not the king impute anything to his servant or to all the house of my father, for your servant has known nothing of all this, much or little.” ~1 Samuel 22:11-15

Saul inquires deceitfully but Ahimelech answers honestly.  The priest basically says this: “Look, I always help and encourage David.  It’s my job, and besides that, why wouldn’t I?  He’s one of your best men!”  Ah, but here’s where Ahimelech gets confused: “Let not the king impute anything to his servant or to all the house of my father.”

It is true enough that Ahimelech was innocent in this affair with David.  Clearly, if he and his priests had been guilty of that which Saul accused – conspiring against their king and rallying forces with David to commit treason, they would not have come to speak so obediently and so willingly when called by Saul.  But who was it that had already imputed a curse upon Ahimelech’s house, as well as his father’s house?  Not Saul. (more…)


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